Your Ultimate Guide to Black Friday


I remember a year when my sister and I went Black Friday shopping. Not knowing much about the biggest shopping day of the year (other than the fact that we wanted deals), we arrived at Macy’s long after it had opened its doors.

And we were shocked.

We were shocked that we missed the free gifts even though it was barely 9 a.m. It was a surprise to know that so many shoppers had arrived at hours I’ve never seen before.

But if you’re serious about venturing over the bridge to score deals, I suppose you might as well sacrifice the zzz’s for one day. I have yet to make such a sacrifice, but I don’t want anyone left in the dust like I was that year.

So here’s your ultimate guide for Black Friday shopping to ensure you score as many deals as possible:


Opens: Midnight on Thanksgiving Day

Advertisement: “Surprise Doorbusters.”

Five Good Deals:

  • $139.99 for an XBox 360 Game System.
  • $55 for RCA 9-inch portable DVD player.
  • $99 for Philips 9-inch dual screen DVD player.
  • $39.99 for Ultimate Disney Princess Collection seven-doll gift set.
  • $199 for Kitchenaid Ultra Power Stand Mixer.


Opens: 10 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day

Advertisement: Different deals on different days including “Friday Electronics Deals.”

Five Good Deals:

  • $248 for an HP AMD dual-core laptop.
  • $199 for an Amazon Kindle Fire.
  • $498 for Samsung 51-inch Plasma HDTV.
  • $3.88-$6.88 for board games, including CandyLand and Monopoly.
  • $2.84 for a Rival two-slice waffle maker.

Big Lots

Opens: 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day

Advertisement: Different deals on different days. 

Five Good Deals:

  • $189.99 for rocker recliners.
  • $5 for 30-inch Dakin Plush Beer.
  • $79 for Android 9-inch tablet.
  • $25 for various Cuisinart appliances.
  • $19 for 18-piece Royal Dress Up Trunk.

Bonus: Receive $10 off your next purchase when you spend more than $50.

Office Depot

Opens: 6 a.m. on Friday

Advertisement: 2-Days Only Sale.

Five Good Deals:

  • $349 for HP laptop computer with Intel Pentium Processor.
  • $299.99 for Gateway laptop computer with AMD dual-core A4 processor.
  • $79.99 for Kindle and $199.99 for Kindle Fire.
  • $39.99 for Canon PIXMA Wireless All-In-One.
  • 50 percent off various chairs and desks.


Opens: 6 a.m. on Friday

Advertisement: Early Bird Specials from 6 a.m. to noon on Friday.

Five Good Deals:

  • $299 for HP laptop with Intel Celeron B800 processor. 
  • $79 for Amazon Kindle Wi-Fi with special offers.
  • $49.90 for HP Photosmart Plus Wireless All-In-One.
  • $99.99 for Acer 23-inch widescreen LCD monitor.
  • $69.99 for Fujifilm JX30 bundle.

Kohl’s Department Store

Opens: Midnight on Thanksgiving Day

Advertisement: “Over 500 early bird deals.” (We know they mean “more than” 500 deals.)

Five Good Deals:

  • 50 percent off all toys from Matchbox, Hot Wheels and Nerf.
  • $79.99 for CHI flat iron.
  • 40-70 percent off various kitchen appliances after mail-in rebate.
  • $79.99 for a 7-foot pre-lit Christmas tree.
  • $6.99 for a Glee calendar.

Bonus: $15 off coupon for every $50 you spend.


Home DepotBlack Friday deals will not be published until Thanksgiving Day. However, this guide on its website provides information on how to keep up with deals including “Exclusive Facebook Deals.”


  • Anonymous

    How do I add humour to this story?
    Story Plan-
    Plot- Girls best friend (and neighbour) moves out, odd family moves in, girl uses friend’s old spare key to explore the house while family out, finds door that didn’t used to be there when her friend lived there, finds secret underground library, reads titles, finds out they are witches, befriends son, he tries to teach her the art of sorcery.

    Ending- (Leads to sequel)
    Spell goes badly wrong when attempting to open portal, littlest child of the witch family vanishes into Shadow World (Extra sensory perception/Break in space, time continuum) when trying to open portal.

    Books indicating they are witches (do not list all at same point in story)-
    Magyk through the ages, The History of Magyk, Charms and Enchantments, Opening the Portals, Magyk for kids, DIY potion making, the many uses of crystals, The Ultimate-Everything Sorcery Book, The Cauldron cook book Vol. l & Vol. ll, Mastering Magyk, the annotated guide to spells and curses, why does mummy fly? – Answers to calm your young warlock’s worries, collecting crystals- a hobby for eternity, the art of reincarnation, charms and enchantments to leave your mates spellbound!

    Main- Aralayah
    Best Friend- Callie-Anne
    Aralayah’s Mum- Lilly
    Aralayah’s Dad- Robert
    Teacher- Mr Cole
    Bully- Rosa
    Witch Mother- Cobweb (known as Matilda when outside home so inconspicuous)
    Witch Father- Adoeamros (Ross)
    Girl- Friday
    Boy- Thirteen
    Witch son- Twilight
    Witch Daughter- Enchantment
    Pet Tarantula- Webby

    Character Descriptions-
    Nick Name- Ari
    Age- Thirteen
    Looks- Olive skin, dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, small, slim
    Personality- Kind, sensitive, adventurous, nosey
    Lives in- ???
    Nick Name- Cal
    Age- thirteen
    Looks- Small, mousey brown hair, green eyes
    Lives- moved
    Age- doesn’t matter
    Looks- perfect.
    Personality- MEAN, MEAN, MEAN!

    Aralayah’s Mother- Lilly
    Age- doesn’t matter
    Looks- brown hair blue eyes small and round
    Personality- is one of those people who you can’t lie to, not only because you feel bad, but also because she can TELL.
    Aralayah’s Father- Robert
    Age- doesn’t matter
    Looks- brown hair, portly, red faced green eyes
    Personality- very strange sense of humour…the ‘no-one-understands-a-thing-you-are-saying-but-we-are-going-to-laugh-anyway’ humour.
    Mother of Witches-
    Known as-
    To family- Cobweb
    Outside the house- Matilda
    Age- doesn’t matter
    Looks- Navy-blue-purple hair to shoulders in crazy tangles, black eyes, beautiful features, tall and slim.
    Personality- Loving, easy going, caring, sweet, motherly
    Father of Witches-
    Or Ross for short
    Age- doesn’t matter
    Looks- jagged black hair, black eyes, really pale skin
    Personality- mysterious, we don’t see much of him as he is always in his study trying to make a potion that will enable people to take any form they want once taken
    Girl- Friday-
    Ebony knee length black hair, deep violet eyes, pale skin
    Very strange daring and unnerving
    Boy- Thirteen-
    Bleach blond shaggy hair, azure eyes, pale skin
    Very strange sensible
    Youngest witch boy-
    Dark brown lopsided floppy hair, grey eyes, very pale skin, looks like it was rubbed with talcum powder.
    Playful, striving, stubborn
    Youngest witch girl-
    Fiery red curls in top notch so they fall in a puff around her head, petite, green – the green you always associate with envy, skin coloured like the cream of old lace- very pale.
    Powers- only one in family with a natural power- to reflect someone else’s appearance onto herself.
    Personality- cute. Cute. Cute….did I mention…cute?
    Pet spider

  • Jimmy lee B.

    Enchantment looked around with a big puzzled look to see where she was. She set on a red Vinyl stool, her elbows resting on a long counter. she was setting in a old Chrome and Neon Diner, like out of the 30`s, The floor was covered with black and white checkered tiles, A large shinny old Juke box in the corner was playing a song she had never heard before, a women in a sweet voice was singing " how much is that doggy in the window” Ruff ruff " the one with the waggly tail".
    humming along with the song, Enchantment walked, almost dancing over to look out a large glass window. and she was shocked to see that the sky was a deep purple,and the paved parking lot in front of the old Diner was blood red.

    She turned at the sound of a voice, A funny looking little old man dressed in white cloths wearing a cooks hat that was way too small for his head was looking at her.
    " I bet you a bottom dollar, that your hunger enough to eat a horse’" he said as he did a little jig tapping his feet on the black and white floor.

    She said " why yes Sir I am hunger", "but I don`t think I can eat a horse "
    he motioned for her to sit down on one of the stools in front of the counter.

    He magically produced a big gold bowl and placed in down in front of her, "This" he told her "was his great 23 bean soup". she studied the bowl of steaming soup, her hunger drove her to pick up a gold spoon and started eating.

    the door flew open with a bang, she jumped and turned around to see a handsome man with black hair and next to him was a Beautiful Blonde lady dressed in a long silver gown, the man was dressed in a white jump suit with a blue Eagle stitched on the front and he was wearing a large belt buckle almost as big as a football, he nodded at Enchantment and with a big smile said " how are you little darling" the lady said " hi dear" and they went over to a red table, the guy kicked the chrome juke box lightly with his foot. and a song started playing. a man was singing " you ain`t nothing but a hound dog" "just a crying all the time" you ain`t never caught a rabbit and you ain`t no friend of mine". Enchantment looked at the little man and ask him, what was this place? where am I?

    the little man smiled and said "well dear" this is the world in waiting" "is`nt it a lovely place".
    She asked him what he meant by World in waiting.
    he leaned real close and said "well this is where you go into waiting to see what is going to happen to you" " you see dear, this where you come if you hurt yourself, and you die" by accident or any means if you did`nt take care of yourself" he whispered too her see that young man there and the Blonde lady, " that my dear is ELVIS and she is Miss Marlyn Monroe.
    she thought oh yes her dear Mommy had pictures of them they were famous.
    the door flew open with a bang a loud bang, she jumped inside and out. she turned to see a small man dress in a black trench coat, wearing a funny looking Little mustache and he stinked to high heaven. he slowly walked back and slid into a rear corner booth. a dark cloud hung over him.
    she whispered why are these people here. the little man told her that this is where you come if you died by your own hand
    or did`nt take good care of yourself in the land of the living. see he told her that young man and lady did`nt take good care of their selves they both used drugs and accidentally killed themselves, the dark man there killed himself.
    she turned and asked who is that dirty man. the little man told her to stay away from that one, he is evil, that my dear his HITLER, she slowly swallowed and said "Hitler the guy that killed millions of men, women and children. the little man lowed his face even with hers and looked her in the eyes "Yes" "that is him alright" he told her there was a women who came in with him, but she never comes out of her room.
    she thought for a minute and ask, "Well !, Why am I hear I`m not dead" am I?
    the little man told her No! your not dead, and we are going to find out why your here. I know a man here, a good man his name is John Wayne, he will help you out of this mess you got yourself in.

    mean while back in the land of the living, everyone was searching for her, worried because it would soon be pitch dark, and they would have to wait until morning to look for her again.
    well, I`ll stop you don`t have to use any of this I was just having fun, I have not wrote anything for years, I loved your story, I don`t think it has too be funny, but I thought maybe this would be a good story line back and forth. your story is good .you keep at it, and don`t you ever give up, OK? you very good BYE, God I had fun useing my old mind, Thanks for letting me play..

    I thought it would be neat to have Elvis, miss monroe and John wayne fighting Hitlers dark forces that he had took control over in the land Of Waiting. to get enchantment make to the land of the living, and Elvis, Monroe, and John come with her back tp the land of the living, and they are so surprised the way America has changed, and to learn their all still famous after all these years. and there is a very sad ending with the three having to return to the land of waiting.
    References :

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