Week in Review

Loquats have a pear shape and fuzzy peach-like skin.

Here are the top Coronado stories for the week of April 24, 2011.

In swimming:

April Pools Day Teaches Kids and Parents About Water Safety

In surfing:

Baja Tales

In pets:

Meet Skip

Coronado Animal Care Facility Turns 1, Improvements Needed

In parenting:

Padded bras, ‘Juicy’ Pants, and Bare Midriffs? Oh My!

In lifestyle:

Sun + Fun = A Great Escape

Coronado’s Village Theater Is Coming to Life

Last Chance Deals

Try It Out: Loquats

Easter Egg-Stravaganza at Coronado Community Center

In crime:

Stolen Cash Registers, Overturned Golf Cart, 4 DUIs, and More

In government:

Coronado to Enforce Overnight Closures at Tidelands Park

In Navy news:

Former Coronado-based Sailor Takes Plea Deal in Federal Theft Case

In the name of a good cause:

Guests Open Hearts and Wallets at Cardiac Fundraiser in Coronado

In community outreach:

Blog on Coronado Patch


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