Want Lower Property Taxes? File Property Reassessments By April 30

Property owners in Coronado and the rest of the county who believe the value of what they own has dropped need to request a reassessment by April 30, San Diego County Assessor/Recorder/Clerk Ernest Dronenburg Jr. said.

While property values have increased around 10 percent in San Diego County in the past year, some land owners might believe they are entitled to a lower assessment—which reduces property tax bills, Dronenburg said.

The 230,000 property owners granted reductions in assessed value since 2005 will have their land reassessed automatically, according to Dronenberg.

He said that those who didn’t receive a lower value assessment, and believe they deserve one, can apply online.

“If a property owner does not want to use the online form, you can call our help number at the Assessor’s office – 858-505-6262 – and a form will be sent to you by mail or fax,” Dronenburg said. “Make the call right away because the form must be filed with our office by April 30, 2013.”

He said reassessments will be completed by July. Property owners who disagree with the new number have a right to appeal, he said.

– City News Service