• 44AlphaMale44

    What On Earth Would …
    What On Earth Would Compel The Vatican & Washington DC
    To Schedule A Memorial Service At Ground Zero In New York
    On Adolf Hitlers Birthday April´╗┐ 20th ? Ya Cant Make This Stuff Up.

  • zmc33


    so …

    so are squares….
    but its a swastika, at best an occult sun´╗┐ symbol….

    google jack parsons aleister crowley

  • zmc33


    my …

    my viewpoint is, How could they have loaded those buildings (wtc 1, 2 and 7) with bombs if they didnt know it was going to happen?…

    the owner of the wtc complex, larry silverstein, said on PBS that they intentionally ‘pulled’ building 7…
    that takes weeks of planning´╗┐ and setting charges…not 8 hours!!!

  • MrMarleypops

    Novela: El …
    Novela: El resurgir´╗┐ de la esv├ística (P├ígina de Facebook)

    Luego que la red ODESSA protegi├│ y dio refugio a miles de asesinos nazis los dispers├│ en diferentes pa├şses junto con todos sus bienes y posesiones. Estos fueron colocados en diferentes gobiernos preparando el escenario para una nueva amenaza mundial.


    Conoce toda la verdad antes de que sea demasiado tarde…

    Disponible en Youtube

  • greendayfan234

    i dont know about …
    i dont know about the building history of if is connected to nazism but the swastika was actually derived from a´╗┐ christian symbol called the farmers cross. so yea nazi’s were bad and stuff, but the US navy is a good thing and i have respect for all the soldiers who join it.

  • 10INTM

    @munsonmusic´╗┐ And …
    @munsonmusic´╗┐ And the plans had already been drawn up over two years before that.

  • munsonmusic

    @10INTM ….Hitler´╗┐ …
    @10INTM ….Hitler´╗┐ took control of the Nazi party in July 29, 1921….

  • 10INTM

    That building was …
    That building was made in 1922 before Nazism. It’s a good thing Hitler’s symbol was not a square because then´╗┐ we’d whine about what all our buildings look like from above!

  • 10INTM

    That building was …
    That building was made in 1922 before Nazism. It’s a good thing Hitler’s symbol was not a square because then we’d whine about what all our´╗┐ building look like from above!

  • FreeRideAddikt

    @detroitMC313 in …
    @detroitMC313 in theory… swastikas aren’t really racist hitler took it ( fuckin’ hate that btw ) but actually among many cultures and religions swastikas were symboles of peace… but´╗┐ then hitler came along and everything up…

  • detroitMC313

    Damn…. that’z …
    Damn…. that’z pretty up lol. If they did build that for the navy, whichever Architect designed that, I’m sure he realized it looked just like a Swastika, and I dunno why anybody didn’t stop that from being made. I’m not Jewish either but if your going to be´╗┐ racist, don’t make it this obvious. Be a little more descreit about it. That’z pretty offensive. If it waz just any building it,,, but a US NAVY AIR BASE. hmmmm….

  • micknm

    @innHD no he …
    @innHD no he changed his skin color and a moslem who followed the third reich
    so wake up hitler is alive and´╗┐ well as the president of this defunct country
    death to the new world order

  • Rac665


    seriously. …

    seriously….its the way the Navy took it, and want´╗┐ to rebuild. it. Tax dollars at work. Do you know if its been rebuilt already?

  • Rac665



    your a moron who dosent know what heshe;s talking´╗┐ about. yeah i know 2 years ago.

  • Rac665



    while that look at google earth and scream NAZI!……force the building to´╗┐ be rebuilt. your tax dollars at work.

  • K3R1H

    wow guys really?´╗┐ …
    wow guys really?´╗┐ stop hating. just cuz its shaped that way doesnt mean we are nazis. dont be the stupid that believes that shit. we defend your country…

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