Update: Police Arrest One Man After Duo Flee Traffic Stop

Police lights.

Update 11:25 p.m. Monday with confirmation of arrest and decision to call off search.


Coronado police had one male suspect in custody following a search Monday night after an officer tried to stop a vehicle at F Avenue and Tolita Avenue.

Two of those being sought after the 8:50 p.m. incident were described by a dispatcher as a man wearing a white sweatshirt, blue jeans and a tan cap, and a woman with dyed blonde hair and black roots. 

The dispatcher later declined to name or release the age of the suspect, but said he had outstanding warrants for driving on a suspended license and driving under the influence. He was awaiting transfer to the county jail.

The search focused on alleys off Tolita, F and nearby Ocean Boulevard. A San Diego County Sheriffs Department helicopter aided in the effort.

“OK, we’re talking them into custody right now. Stand by,” an officer said on the scanner at 9:19 p.m.

The search for the other occupant of the car was called off after the male was arrested and it was found there were no outstanding warrants on his companion, the dispatcher said.

“We never got a good eye on her. We have no idea where to even start with her,” another officer said on the scanner before the search was called off.

Initial reports that there had been an assault on an officer were denied by the police dispatcher.


  • melody77

    I got ticket. What should I do?
    I just got ticket last night for accidentaly driving in one way street. It happen bec when I wanted to make left turn, that road was closed (I think road construction/maintenance). So there’s a misleading sign that made me think I should take the other lane (one way) and the position of my car was already making left turn so it’s impossible for me to stop in the middle of intersection and back up. Next thing I know a police came to my car and told me: "you make right turn right now". I said thank you and kept driving. They follow me again n I stop. Anyway, they gave me a ticket. He said I can pay or go to court and told what happen. But the "Court Apperance Required" is checked. So doe it mean if I pay I stil have to go to court? I feel so bad bcoz this is the 1st time ever I got ticket. I always drive carefully. I need opinion. Will it be better to go to court? Or I should just accept it and pay? Pls tell me what to do. I appreciate it. Thank you.
    I live in Jersey City, NJ
    Does anyone know how much is the fee for traffic lawyer Jersey City?


    Pay the fine immediately so that you will have no more problem with the ticket. Usually, the offender does not win the case in court except when you have an acceptable valid defense.
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  • Rickey R

    Never just pay the ticket. Always go to court when possible, because the cop may not show up and the case can be thrown out. Or what happens 90% of the time if you fight it they will give you a lesser fine.
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  • m w

    1) get pictures of the intersection immediately. daytime and nighttime if possible. with date and time stamps before anything changes.

    2) read the ticket carefully. what are the charges?

    3) also read the ticket "front and back" for something like "if you plead guilty, no court appearance is required". Given that you have a "court appearance required" box checked, I doubt the "plead guilty and you don’t have to appear" is available to you. meaning you will have to appear. there should be a date and time on the ticket for your court appearance. DON’T miss it. and get there early.

    4) google your states motor vehicle code. I live in illinois. if I google "illinois motor vehicle code" I get the link I’ve attached below. And in Illinois, driving the wrong way on a one way street is a violation of 625 ILCS 5/11‑708. however, you may have been charged with a violation of construction zone regulations 625 ILCS 5/11‑908. The first violation is a petty offense. fines and black marks on your driving record. Not a misdemeaner nor a felony in Illinios. The second is a non moving violation in illinois.

    5) call a couple of lawyers. usually first time consultation is free. they can evaluate your case and tell you what to expect in court.

    6) don’t be spooked about court. depending on where you live, the judge probably hears dozens or hundreds of cases every day. usually alcohol or drug related, fleeing, reckless driving. etc. Your case, by the sounds of it, is pretty tame. usually, and this depends on your age, driving history, and how you present yourself in court (dress up. address the court with "good morning your honor", show respect, etc. most people don’t do this. if you do, the judge will appreciate the effort and will also treat you with more respect), the prosecutor and the judge work together to 1) make you wiser, and 2) to not crucify you. If you have a clean record, then probably your charges will be reduced to a non moving violation, you will have to pay court costs ($100 is typical), and will be given a brief time of court supervision (3 months is typical) during which if you get a moving violation of any kind, the first ticket is reinstated and goes on your driving record along with the second. that would be bad. insurance rates right?. court supervision simply means the court monitors your driving record, by the way. at the end of three months if you have not further offenses, you don’t have to return to court.

    7) if the judge asks, here’s a reasonable excuse for driving the wrong way. construction + time of day + not clearly marked (enter pics as evidence and show them) + unusual traffic pattern (meaning 1 way streets are usually like this and this one was different…) + "i was driving very carefully, not speeding, and trying to understand this unusual situation then asked for help from the police officer".

    8) whatever you do, do not challenge the police officer. do not say, "i don’t understand why this is a violation". Either one will turn the judge against you. if you decide to hire a lawyer to represent you, let them do the challenging.

    One other thing. this happens to everyone. we all get tickets sooner or later. it really isn’t that big of a deal. unless of course, you don’t take care of this and you ignore it. then the judge could issue a warrant for your arrest. bring you before him and throw the book at you. So get it behind you.

    by the way, if the police officer doesn’t show up, then the prosecutor will ask for a continuance which will probably be granted. Unless you can claim hardship like "your honor I request that you do not grant a continuance. I am a student in school and missing another day will effect my grades and this is a traffic violation not a misdemeaner".

    what is the charge on the ticket?

    driving the wrong way down a one way street is a violation of 39:4–85.1 is that what is written on the ticket?

    Jersey is definitely different from Illinois. they operate on a point system. tickets add points, defensive driving courses subtract them. 3 points drop if 365 days ticket free. 39:4–85.1 adds 2 points. if you get 6 points within a three year period, you get assessed a surcharge which you must pay. more than 12 = suspension.

    here’s a site you can look at the violations…
    click on violations on the top ….

    here’s a list of lawyers. start at the top. work your way down. talk to several…

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  • Spoken M

    call and ask if the fine gets bigger if you fight it. if it doesn’t, fight it. just go in and explain. don’t criticize, just explain why YOU made the mistake. the judge may be having a good day and dismiss it.
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  • dlil

    You seriously took my post down?

    Doesn’t everyone agree that it’s easier to drive in countries where you can read the signs that are posted?

    Pay the ticket then buy a "English for Dummies" book, they have a great series, I heard.
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