Update: Man Killed in Strand Wreck Identified

Firefighters work on the man they removed from the overturned vehicle behind them. They were unable to revive the victim.

Update: 9:10 a.m.: The man killed in the Silver Strand Boulevard crash has been identified by the San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office as Donn Alexander Sterling, 62, who worked at Coronado’s post office.

The San Diego resident’s family has been notified. No cause of death was released. It is not yet known why Sterling lost control of the vehicle, according to the medical examiner.


A single-car wreck off Silver Strand Boulevard killed one man Thursday after witnesses spotted the vehicle crashing over curbs and down an embankment to land on its side on the shore.

Firefighters worked to remove the man from the Honda Ridgeline, which landed on the driver’s side facing south in Fiddlers Cove Marina. They performed CPR before covering the man’s body and carrying him up the embankment.

The victim was a white male who appeared to be in his ’50s.

Coronado police Cmdr. Michael Lawton said another motorist reported that the vehicle was being driven in a wreckless manner at about 6:30 p.m.

The caller saw the Ridgeline cross the highway from the southbound lanes, veer into northbound traffic, dip onto the Bayshore Bikeway and into the marina. Several motorists pulled off the highway to try and help, Lawton said.

One witness, Devan Hoskins, said he and another man tried to reach the motorist, whose airbag had deployed. They weren’t strong enough to lift the vehicle, so he sent a friend to call 911.

Hoskins, who lives on a boat in the cove, said he turned while crossing a ramp to his home and saw the vehicle “come flying over and land on its side” at the base of the bay.

“I’ve come upon scenes before, but I’ve never seen it happen,” Hoskins said.

Hoskins said the driver never cried out for help or responded to attempts to get his attention.

“I tried to bang on windows to wake him up,” Hoskins said.

Coronado police summoned other agencies to make sure no one was thrown from the vehicle into the bay or injured in its path.

No other victims were spotted by the Harbor Police, a Sheriff’s helicopter or officers who searched along the bike path.

Accident investigators arrived at the marina around 8 p.m. Lawton said because of the spread-out scene – over about 200 yards – some lanes on the Silver Strand would have to be closed, but that police would attempt to keep part of the highway open during their examination.

As of 9:30 p.m. they remained open.

Lawton said he expects the on-scene investigation to be wrapped up well before the morning commute.