Summer Travel: Indulge Without Loading Up on Calories

Summer is such a great time to see family, reconnect with friends, travel to dream destinations and get some much needed rest and relaxation. While traveling can be a wonderful experience, it’s best to keep a few health tips in mind and planning ahead keeps you healthy and your body happy.

1)  When traveling on the road and fast food is your main choice, be sure to balance your burgers and fries with salads, fresh fruit and lots of water.

2)  Pack healthy snacks in your car or backpack—especially snacks higher in protein—and include whole grains for the fiber.

3)  One of the downsides of traveling is a disruption in your daily routine and diet. Eating foods high in fat and sodium can lead to constipation and/or diarrhea. You may be wise to keep some laxatives or stomach medicine on hand while you’re traveling.

4)   Start your day out right with a good breakfast, particularly if you plan on doing any hiking, site-seeing, or any type of high-intensity activity. A bowl of oatmeal, fresh fruit or a veggie omelet could be just the thing before you head out to a full day of fun.

5)  Watch out for bladder infections and urinary tract infections while you are traveling by drinking plenty of water and using the restroom often. If you feel you are getting or have a UTI, be sure to seek medical treatment right away.

6)  Use your vacation to try something new. Perhaps you can get into the habit of taking a daily morning walk or trying a new exercise class if you are on a cruise.

Enjoy your vacation but be sure to make choices that will positively influence your health. Have a great time traveling!