Sorry Ravens – Facebook NFL Fan Map Says It’s a 49ers Nation

It’s not just Northern California bleeding red this week. Coronado and San Diego are too.

A new map created by Facebook’s Data Science team shows the 49ers fanbase stretches from the California coast well into the Midwest before pockets of Ravens fans begin to crop up.

The analysis of 35 million Facebook users who have “liked” a National Football League team fan page paints a colorful picture of allegiances, hometown favorites and rivalries in the NFL.

The graphics, done down to a county level, show more Northern California support for the Niners than the Oakland Raiders during the NFL regular season, but the Raiders’ have a fan base that stretches into Nevada and Oregon. calls it “the most accurate NFL fandom map ever created” and draws some interesting conclusions.

The graphics, done by Data Science team intern Sean J. Taylor, also show how allegiances changed as teams were eliminated during the playoffs—right down to this weekend’s 49ers vs. Ravens Superbowl match-up.

Baltimore’s fanbase appears strongest in the Mid-Atlantic and South, whereas San Francisco has supporters all the way to the banks of the Mississippi and in the Northeast.

Taylor’s analysis even shows the top five fan-friendship teams. San Francisco fans, for example, are most likely to have friends who back Oakland, Dallas, Pittsburgh, San Diego and New England.