Seal Pup Rescued on Silver Strand by Coronado Animal Officer

The seal pup found by a Coronado animal officer Monday.

A Coronado animal officer rescued a seal pup on the Silver Strand early Monday and turned it over to SeaWorld to be nursed to health, according to the city.

The officer, Christina Washington, spotted the pup near a brick wall on the bay side of Silver Strand Boulevard after an 8 a.m. call that three adult seals had been seen south of the Coronado Cays. 

“It was really sad,” Washington said in the city’s statement, posted on Facebook. “It was all by itself.”

The pup was taken to the Coronado Animal Care Facility and was picked up a few hours later by rescuers from the theme park, where it will be cared for until it can be returned to live in the wild.