SCORE Offers Free Help for Small Business Owners in Coronado

Start and grow your small business with SCORE.

When it comes down to it, behind just about every small business is an entrepreneur hoping to turn their passion into a paycheck.

But as many wise business advisers have noted: Hope is not a strategy. Business owners need support to turn dreams into reality.

That’s why Patch is pleased to announce a new partnership with SCORE, a nonprofit organization with 12,000 business experts nationwide who provide free mentoring to small business owners.

The partnership makes sense because we believe that when local commerce grows, the whole community gets stronger. Patch already provides free listings for local businesses and other tools to help build local brands.

Whether you’re a 10-year-old jewelry designer or a 79-year-old who carves wood knives from a fallen tree, there’s a SCORE mentor to help you take your business to the next level.

Nationally, almost 350 branches are active—including SCORE San Diego.

SCORE provides local in-person and online workshops and information about topics including finance and accounting, marketing and PR and information technology. Those can be listed in our events calendar.

Patch is recruiting SCORE experts and business owners to blog on our sites. Patch staff members are also available to speak about social media and online marketing issues at SCORE events and workshops.

At SCORE’s recent annual conference in New Orleans, the testimonials from business owners who’ve benefited were powerful and moving.

Many SCORE-mentored business owners reported seeing their business double or triple in growth, going from a back-of-the-house bedroom office, for example, to a three-story building. Business owners say they learn everything from how to properly plan and set goals to how to build accurate balance sheets.

“Their talent helps me be successful at mine,” said Tasha Oldman, a documentary filmmaker from Marina del Rey and winner of SCORE’s Outstanding Woman-Owned Business award this year. “I did not know how to be an entrepreneur so I had to learn.”

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