Poll: Will President Obama Have Any Big Success in His Second Term?

Barack Obama 2013 Inauguration Speech

In his second inaugural address, President Obama on Monday declared that dealing with climate change would be a major thrust of his second term—joining other issues such as gun control, immigration and defending Social Security and Medicare.

Given GOP control of the House and Democratic sway in the Senate, does President Obama stand a chance in achieving his hopes? Will his ambitious agenda gain traction via public support or shrivel amid the stark political stalemate?

The president, who visited San Diego several times in recent times, is looking for another victory like health-care reform. Will he have one? 


  • Jose

    When will Republicans retake the oval office?
    If you step back and look at it, i really don’t see Obama being a one term president.

    I wonder if HIllary will challenge him next election as well? For some reason I don’t see that happeninguntill after his second term.

    I know they say the young voters are not voting, so Dems are scared. Those voters though voted for Obama and when the challenge returns I have little doubt that they will be there to elect him once again.

    Maybe the election after next?

  • Joe

    After Obama decided to pursue immigration reform I would say in a few years. He’s been interesting so far but he perhaps a bit too devisive. He may not be the first president to oppose a law but bringing in the mexican president too repute an AZ law that mirrors Mexico’s law was stupid. Meaning, you get deported from Mexico if you don’t have your papers and you should get deported from the US if you can’t prove your a citizen.

    I think in 2012 Obama will lose, if a republican doesn’t win it will be our first independent since (and i may be wrong) Teddy Roosevelt.
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  • Janice

    Obama is a one term President and will go down in defeat in November 2012. Republicans take back the oval office Jan. 20, 2013.
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  • Captain

    Obama is a transformational president like FDR. The Republicans will not be back in the White House until at least 2024, and then for just one term.
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  • Douglas S

    All misplaced passionate answers aside, any candidate with an agenda would be poised to take the White House in 2016.
    From either side.
    Defining that candidate, and the agenda, is the primary consideration of both of the major parties.
    I believe that unseating an incumbent President who can communicate with the public to be too overwhelming for either party to chance a major effort on, and so President Obama will likely serve his 2nd term.
    The Republican party will likely confine the majority of their efforts, and their budgets, to replacing Congressional seats, and to developing some form of voter confidence.
    (They were hurt much worse than they’ll admit to by the 2008 elections.)
    Once they reframe their party, and define their strategy – based in large part by any successes they may have this November- the depth of their commitment to long term pursuits will be easier to judge.
    As for the Democrats, they will need to have some continued successes to keep people coming to the polls.
    If they become too defensive, the public will assume they are a one trick pony, and lose interest.
    On the other hand, if they push too many things that are not in keeping with the public’s needs, they will isolate the independents and that could cost them their slim majority at the polls.

    Passion aside, it should make for some very interesting political theater.

    Best Wishes
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  • The Ingenious Hidalgo DonQuixote

    when nothing of substance really changes

    dose it really matter

    vote 3rd party to save america
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