Poll: What Was Coronado’s Biggest Story in 2011?

A sailor watches the action as the North Carolina and Michigan State basketball teams practiced for the Carrier Classic aboard the USS Carl Vinson in November.


Coronado, a community of less than 25,000, didn’t just view what was happening in the world this year. 

For a small place, Coronado made big news. But what made the biggest splash, from the military to an enduring mystery? You decide.

The Navy always figures prominently in the community, but it was a huge year for Naval Base Coronado. There was:

The Navy wasn’t the only thing in town making news. There was a shocking investigation as well.

From ABC.com to NBC’s Today Show to Dr. Phil, many observers continue to be drawn into the mystery surrounding the death of Rebecca Zahau, which was declared a suicide by the Sheriff’s department, over the objections of her family.

Her death came less than 48 hours after her boyfriend’s son suffered a severe head injury in a fall at the same historic residence. The blow would ultimately kill him.

Which story will you remember most about 2011? Let us know in the comments and vote below.