Poll: Should the Feds Devote Funds to School Safety Measures?

Sen. Barbara Boxer visits San Diego school to push school security bill

The same day Sen. Barbara Boxer visited Barrio Logan’s Perkins Elementary School to promote the lapsed Secure Our Schools grant program, news reports highlighted the fact Adam Lanza committed his Newtown massacre in about five minutes—amid a well-secured school.

As KPBS reported Thursday: Boxer’s bill “would provide $40 million for school district grants to cover the costs of things like improving lighting, doors, locks and fences, installing security cameras and collaborating with local law enforcement.”

Boxer was quoted as saying: “It is time for the slaughter of innocents to stop. For those of you who were in that room with me with those [Perkins Elementary] children—they look up to us, they want us to protect them. They understand it is our job. And we are failing them.”

KPBS noted that the bill—which also would create a joint task force between the Departments of Justice and Education to develop K-12 schools safety guidelines as well as a national Center for Campus Public Safety focused on safety at colleges and universities—might be part of wider gun-control legislation.

Given the government’s financial crunch—and the possibility that determined gunmen like Lanza can shoot their way into well-locked schools—is Boxer’s bill worth the effort?