Poll: If Subway Footlong Sandwiches Are 11 Inches, What Can You Trust?

Australian teen's photo of Subway footlong sandwich being 11 inches.

Subway’s reputation for fresh sandwiches is intact but its honesty was tested recently when Matt Corby, an Australian teen, posted a photo of a Footlong measuring 11 inches. Consumer lawsuits followed in the United States. Thomas Zimmerman, an attorney in a Chicago case, told Reuters: “This is no different than buying a dozen eggs and getting 11. You’re buying a dozen inches and only getting 11.”  San Diegans recently saw a similar smackdown, when local authorities won a $250,000 settlement with a New Jersey company that sold half-empty Disney Princess jewelry kits to kids.

Have you measured a Subway Footlong lately? (One site says Subway has 41 stores in San Diego County.) Take a picture and share it here.

Any other marketing claims you’ve seen that don’t measure up?