Poll: Are Media Hoaxes Easier to Pull Off in the Digital/Internet Age?

Manti Te'o Girlfriend Hoax: Dead Spin Author Discusses Notre Dame Star's Revelation

Notre Dame fans were whipsawed this week by stories about a hoax involving linebacker Manti Te’o. It started when the website Deadspin argued that Te’o didn’t suffer the death of his girlfriend—that she was made up.

Then other media outlets reported that Te’o himself was the victim of what the Heisman Trophy runner-up called a “sick joke.”

CNN reported: “Jack Swarbrick, director of athletics at Notre Dame, told reporters that Te’o was the victim of an elaborate hoax. ‘And he will carry that with him for a while,’ Swarbrick said.”

In San Diego, a hoax last July made it sound as if U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy wanted to shut down legitimate pharmacies.

Digital tools are making such acts easy to bring off. Are people more gullible as well in the Internet Age?