Police Blotter: Punctured Tires, Motorcycle Crash, and More

Coronado Police Department

The Coronado Police Department reported the following arrests, traffic collisions and crimes as of May 17. If you see a crime, please report it to the police.


  • DUI with blood alcohol content of .08 percent, San Diego man, 28, 300 block of Pomona Avenue, May 14.
  • DUI with blood alcohol content of .08 percent, San Diego man, 22, 300 block of Pomona, May 12.
  • Use of controlled substance and illicit scavenging of recycling materials, Chula Vista man, 30, 700 block of G Avenue, May 10.
  • Drug possession, possession of controlled substances and marijuana for sale, and driving with a suspended license, Coronado man, 25, 1200 block of Fifth Street, May 10.


Traffic Collisions:

  • Car-motorcycle collision, one injury, Fourth Street and A Avenue, April 30. Injury included lower left side extremity fractures.
  • Two-car collision, two injuries, 1700 block of southbound state Route 75 at Avenida de Las Arenas, April 16. Injuries included complaint of headache and complaint of neck, back and knee pain on left side of body.



  • Stolen Ford Ranger, Coronado Bay Club parking lot, 1500 block of Second Street, May 9-13.
  • Stolen yellow and red racing bicycle, 500 block of Orange Avenue, May 12. Bike was locked.
  • Stolen red and black Schwinn bicycle, Bradley Field on Second Street and B Avenue, May 11. Bike was unlocked.
  • Stolen cell phone and loose change, car parked on Montego Court, May 15-16.  
  • Obscene or threatening telephone call, security office at the Hotel del Coronado, 1500 block of Orange Avenue, May 14.
  • Battery, 900 block of F Avenue, May 12.
  • Puncturing of four car tires, 700 block of D Avenue, May 12.
  • Graffiti, Glorietta Bay mens restroom, 1900 Strand Way, May 10-11.