Patch Picks: July

The pork chop at Leroy's Kitchen + Lounge.

Did you miss our Patch Picks? Here’s what our writers thought you should try in July:

A chop at Leroy’s Kitchen + Lounge

A slice foodies could love, at Alexander’s

A healthier chip, at Boney’s

Sunscreen in colors for your kids, at Rite Aid

A funny way to mail, from Fuzziwig’s



  • shake_your_buddhax3

    what do you think of this so far?
    Noon. It was unmistakibly close to summer. Kylie could feel it. The whole class could feel it. The sweat droplets rushed from tiny pores in her forehead. Sweat of heat and anxiousness. She clenched her pencil between her teeth waiting to feel the urge of freedom. Freedom so sweet it had a whole new meaning of sweet on its own. Now Kylie could taste the sweetness. It was beyond anything she could ever imagine tasting. It was like the fresh picked watermelon from a garden patch in mid July. Tick. Kylie looks up at the clock. 12:45. Tock. She wasnt sure if time was moving slower or if she happened too look at the clock every instant she blinked. She layed her head down on her desk to feel the smooth cold feeling. It was unbarably hot and sticky inside the cramped classroom full of 23 other kids and a frustrated teacher. She thought the day was never going to end. Finally 2:30, only 15 minutes to go until her cage was opened. Her eyes were alert and the classroom was buzzing.
    Everyone was just waiting for that final bell to ring. One second left. Kylie’s whole body seemed to quiver at the thought of that being the last day of 6th grade. Ding! A ending a new beggining. She jumped up faster then speed itself. She grabbed her backpack and zoomed out the door before any of the other kids. It was the end of little kid school forever. She thought about the idea of sharing a school with just older kids. Before in 6th she was at the tip top of the school pyramid. They ruled the halls. The school altogether. Now a major change. She was now going to be at the lowest stoop again. She was going to be crushed by the older kids. But she had a whole summer to think about that stuff. Not now. This was the time to relax and not care about anything. No drama.

  • waiting

    I feel like this could be really good, but right now it’s too long. It says the same thing too many times. I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but I got bored halfway through the first paragraph. Cut down the number of times you try to show how much they want out of class, it doesn’t add to the feel, it takes away from it.
    Also, it’s better to show, not tell. "She clenched her pencil between her teeth waiting for freedom." is a showing sentence, "The sweat droplets rushed from tiny pores in her forehead." is more of a telling sentence. Try something like "She wiped the sweat from her forehead. The sweat that had formed from heat and anxiousness."
    Hope this helps.
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