Patch Pet: Jewel


Jewel was originally adopted as a kitten and what an adorable kitten she must have been. She is a Dilute Tortie that has grown up to be a beautiful adult cat with a loving personality to match.

Jewel, as she is known at the ACF, was relinquished when her family moved away. After meeting Jewel, you will see that this is their loss and a huge gain for her next family.

She is one of the most affectionate cats we have seen. She meows a quiet hello and then leans in to nuzzle you with her heart-shaped nose. She loves being held in your arms and her gentle purr lets you know how happy she is to be with you.

Jewel is very social and can’t get enough pets. She constantly says thank you for petting me. Even when you give her a cat treat, she offers up a nuzzle before she eats it.

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  • Heather A

    What are some alternatives to a patched up looking patio?
    My patio concrete is all patched up, and looks patched up. I want to put down indoor/outdoor carpeting, but my husband thinks that it will get full of mildew from the rain since it is in complete shade. Any suggestions, that don’t cost a fortune?

  • Mag

    Yes! I had this problem and solved it beautifully. I stained the concrete with a faux brick pattern. Its stunning and looks like real bricks.

    You get dyeable Quikcrete cement stain. Then get universal tints in any color you like. I chose brick browns, tans and reds, along with grey and blac as ‘accents’.

    I used a brick stencil I bought on ebay, but you can also just draw the pattern you want with chalk. Use the lines in your cracks as the ‘edges’ of your designs.

    Mix all your colors in individual trays. i used cheap plastic paint trays. I did a 12×20 foot patio with 1 gallong of stain…it goes a long way. Have all your colors, and a brush (I used foam brushes) for each. Then carefully just start ‘painting’ inside the lines of your design. Wear gloves and glasses, as you’ll splash. But be careful not to use too much liquid as it will run outside your lines.

    After the pattern is down, go back over ‘lines’ with grey or tan paint as ‘grout’ to your ‘bricks’.

    I did a small sample in the corner first to get used to the amount and color. One color has to be mostly dry before topping with another around the edges to create ‘accents’. Its pretty flexible, but if your colors have strong contrast, you want both a bit wet so they ‘blend’.

    There is sealent to put over the cement when youre done so it stays resistant to stains. I havent done that yet b/c I’m afraid it might be slippery. So I’ll continue to look for the appropriate product.

    There is also a video on Home Depot web site for doing an acid wash paint on cement, where she adds acrylic color in badly cracked cement so the ‘stones/bricks’ have inset jewels in them.

    good luck.
    References :
    Home depot video, quikcrete web site.

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