Patch Pet: Germany


Germany is happy girl who just wants the company of her pack.

Living in a home with multiple roommates worked great for her – there was always something to do. But when the living situation changed and she was left alone for long periods of time, Germany began to bark. 

Frustrated and lonely, she was only trying to communicate her unhappiness. For this reason, we are seeking an active household, one to keep her stimulated and feeling involved.

Germany is an “at your side” kind of girl, alert, aware and amazing. She is a dog with a history, though we don’t have specifics. She likely had a job, one that involves detective skills. Watch her in action and you will sense her immediate awareness of her surroundings. Her nose and keen senses are her gift.


  • Female Dutch Shepherd, brindle with white markings.
  • 6 years old and 57 pounds.
  • Respectful and gentle.
  • Loyal, loving companion seeking an active family.
  • Is up for whatever activity suits you: long walks, riding in the car, and kayaking to name a few.
  • Gets along with other dogs, and cats don’t seem to faze her.
  • Dog adoption fee is $125.00, includes spay, current shots and microchip


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All our animals are spayed/neutered, microchipped and current on their immunizations prior to their adoption. PAWS of Coronado also would like to announce our new program, Feline Baby Boomers/Senior to Senior Adoption


  • Linda T

    Where can I find white/patched Degus for sale in America?
    I love Degus and am an aspiring breeder and collector. I have 4 Agouti’s right now, one of which is half ‘Blue’.

    Ive seen photos of White and Patched Degus from Germany and the UK but Im in Texas, USA.

    Where can I find white/patched Degus for sale in America?
    Or breeders who know abit about them?

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