Panetta to Remove Ban on Women Serving in Combat


  • ladycristina

    Is this a good thing?
    "Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is removing the military’s ban on women serving in combat, senior defense officials tell the Associated Press "

  • mommanuke

    I’m not sure he can. I thought there was a law passed by Congress forbidding it. I’ll have to check it out. Otherwise, since the only way to advance above a certain level in the military is combat service, I think it’s good.
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  • Jack

    Don’t know, wait until we bring our mothers, sisters, wife’s, and daughters home in body bags with their children standing at their flag draped casket crying because now they lost their father and now have no mother….then watch the flash bulbs and media hound a child….when this happens and it will i will be more informed to give a more direct answer!
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  • Joseph the Second

    -Probably. I haven’t met a Woman YET- who couldn’t fight a Man at LEAST- to a Draw !! 😉
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    ( So if She want’s to "Serve"-
    then Heaven HELP-
    the Enemy who faces Her !)

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