Nicky Rottens to Revise Plans for Coronado Location

Nicky Rottens, soon to open at the corner of First Street and Orange Avenue

Team Nicky Rottens will be back before the City Council on Tuesday. Their new Coronado location is still under construction, and they have asked the council to amend the encroachment permit it issued in January. The burger joint’s owners are seeking an additional 72 square feet for the outdoor dining area and 315 square feet for an awning.

The owners have also changed their window design plans. Originally they were going to install triple-paned windows to keep the noise inside the bar from blasting out into the street.

Now they plan to use noise-reducing or laminated glass. The staff report said laminated glass is better at deadening noise, as compared to double- or triple-paned windows. Nicky Rottens Bar & Burger Joint plans to open on the corner of First Street and Orange Avenue sometime this year.

Across town, LeRoy’s Lucky Lounge, formally Beach-n-Diner, in the 1000 block of Orange Avenue, also has space issues it wants the City Council to address. It needs more parking spots, according to the staff report.

The owners plan to increase the floor space by 180 square feet, and for that, they will need to provide more off-street parking.

Under the city’s Orange Avenue Corridor Specific Plan, “eating and drinking establishments must provide one off-street parking space for every 100 square feet of new floor area.” The owners plan to add four parking spaces directly behind Bay Books, next to the rear entrance of the lounge.

The eateries aren’t the only ones making changes. The Hotel Del wants to turn the operation of its business center over to FedEx. If the City Council concurs, the Memphis-based delivery company will take over the management of the hotel’s business center at 1500 Orange Ave.

FedEx will offer business services and assistance to hotel guests and the general public from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Guests and staff will have 24/7 access by using their room keys.

The staff report acknowledges that other businesses in town offer similar services, including Coronado Mail and Parcel, Postal Annex, the UPS Store, and Postal Unlimited. The report also noted that Coronado Mail and Parcel is just a few blocks away.

But city staff has concluded that none of these stores function as business centers, and therefore, the addition of a FedEx will not impact their business.

Tom Newport, owner of Coronado Mail and Parcel, begs to differ. “Having another competitor like FedEx Office move into town is not a desirable option,” Newport wrote in a letter to the city.

Tuesday’s agenda also includes a discussion on whether to raise development-related user fees and a reauthorization of Coronado Tourism Improvement District tax. 

Lastly, after two meetings on the topic, the council will adopt a financial plan and budget for the city and its redevelopment agency.

The City Council meeting is Tuesday, June 7, at 3 p.m. at City Hall, 1825 Strand Way.