Meet Casper the Cat

Casper with the blue eyes

Casper is a 3-year-old male. He has all the markings of the Flame Point Ragdoll breed, with the soft, fluffy coat and tail to go with it. His colors are white with orange-colored, flame-like tips on his legs, face, ears and tail.  The eyes on this boy are a piercing blue. 

Casper is a love bug, giving head butts and allowing kisses. This young man would do best in a family with older children. He can be startled by loud noises and commotion, but gets over it quickly when given reassurance. Taking a moment to meet this lover boy will allow you to see for yourself how beautiful and gracious he is. 

To meet Casper, stop by the Coronado Animal Care Facility at 1395 First St. The facility is open every day but holidays, from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

To learn about other animals that are up for adoption, visit the PAWS of Coronado website.


  • Stephanie

    Whats that older kids Xmas movie where yogie, the jetsons, flinstones, casper, etc., meet up for christmas?
    i vaguely remember it, but they all met up at caspers house i think and had a christmas party. Whats the movie? It was in the 90’s when i watched it

  • Stephanie B.

    It sounds like the movie "Casper’s First Christmas" (1979).

    Yogi Bear, Boo Boo, Huckleberry Hound and more Hanna-Barbera characters get lost and decide to spend Christmas by vising Casper, the friendly ghost. But soon they encounter a not-so-friendly ghost.
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