McP’s Hits the Big 3-0, Hosts All-Day Celebration

McP's Irish Pub and Grill, a draw for the military and tourists alike, is marking 30 years in business Monday with an all-day celebration of the milestone.

McP’s will celebrate 30 years in business Monday with an all-day happy hour, commemorative T-shirts, a morning visit from KUSI and music in the evening. Stay tuned to Patch for more coverage of the anniversary.


It’s been 30 years and somewhere along the way McP’s Irish Pub & Grill became one of the stalwarts of the community.

Or as Mayor Casey Tanaka put it, the establishment with the reputation as a Navy SEAL hangout and draw for everyday tourists and notable visitors alike, has been transformed into more than just a neighborhood Irish bar – it’s an icon.

Owner Greg McPartlin, a Vietnam veteran and former Navy medic, opened McP’s three decades ago this summer at the site of a one-time piano bar. 

Writer and local historian Joe Ditler was with him at the time, serving as part of the crew McPartlin employed to open the bar.

Ditler noted that the business “took on (his) flamboyant personality from the day it opened.” Yet his old skills came in handy even in his new career – Ditler said McPartlin saved the lives of patrons who had choked or suffered heart attacks.

“I’ve seen Greg run to aid fallen customers and watched him work on lifeless bodies on three occasions to breathe life back into them,” Ditler said.

The community has taken note of McPartlin’s contributions during this time of celebration. The Coronado Chamber of Commerce bestowed one of its top honors on him July 19 and many more residents are likely to join in McP’s all-day anniversary shindig Monday.

McP’s reach is far beyond Coronado though – McPartlin estimates that about 80 percent of his clientele is made up of military and tourists.

Some of them are notable, from athletes to actors and the politically prominent. Some of the top names: Tiger Woods, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Junior Seau, and last year, not just a celeb, but a royal, Prince Harry.

The remainder of McPartlin’s customer base is from Coronado, and from Tanaka to rival restauranteurs, they are celebrating McP’s achievement. 

“Congratulations to Greg McPartlin and McP’s Irish Pub on their 30th anniversary,” said Ron Chapman, owner and co-founder of the Coronado Brewing Company.

“The restaurant business is no easy path to follow and Greg has done a terrific job of providing Coronado with consistently good food and entertainment for three decades. The fact that he has done so, and continued throughout to honor our Navy SEALs, is also testimony to his wonderful American spirit.”

The mayor said, “I want to thank Greg for providing Coronado residents a place where they could celebrate the extraordinary moments of their lives while also providing them somewhere special to celebrate ordinary nights with their friends, loved ones and families. 

“There is no other place in Coronado with the same combination of honest food, private outdoor patio, live music, SEAL team reverence and small-town feel, and I sincerely wish McP’s all the best for another 30 years of iconic status in Coronado.”