Last-Minute Tax Filers: Midway Post Office Will Be Open Until 11 PM

Post office

You can file your taxes up until the last possible minute online, but if you want to make sure you see the postmark applied to the all-important envelope, you have until 11 p.m. in San Diego.

That’s when the Midway post office, at 2535 Midway Drive – the only one that will be open late in the region, closes – according to the U.S. Postal Service.

Why so few options? The post office says it’s because most people file online now. Of course, some procratinators prefer to go old school, so the Midway, but only the Midway, will have extended hours in San Diego County.

Need some guidance if you’re spending Monday putting the last-minute touches on your 1040s? Here’s some tips from the IRS.

Here’s a little help though: Just look in the media box for your IRS and California state extension forms. Tip: You only need to file the form in the state if you owe on your taxes, but the IRS requires the extension form whether you’re paying them or they owe you.

The post office also suggests you double check these items before sending off your forms on April 15:

  • If you don’t go to the Midway, be sure to verify pick-up times posted on collection boxes to ensure your envelopes are collected and postmarked on time.
  • Apply the proper amount of postage, especially with extra forms and schedules. The first ounce (about three sheets of paper) for a letter-sized envelope is 46 cents, and 20 cents for each additional ounce.
  • Make sure your envelope has the proper IRS or FTB address and zip code.
  • Print your complete return address in the upper left corner of your tax mail envelope.
  • Customers who want extra security – proof their tax form has been mailed and received – can use Certified Mail/Return Receipt service available at post office retail counters.