IB Pier Now Equipped With Border Patrol Camera

Sometime in late March, the U.S. Border Patrol installed a high-powered video surveillance camera on the roof of The Tin Fish restaurant at the end of the IB Pier.

According to Michael No, the owner of The Tin Fish, who rents the end of the pier from the S.D. Coastal Commission, said, “They’re looking for drug dealers in boats,” and that the camera had recently allowed authorities to intervene in a smuggling attempt.

“I heard that there is a monitor on the Navy base,” said No, who added that the camera’s images are relayed to the Naval Outlying Field, south of IB, for analysis.

The Navy could not be contacted for comment.

Public affairs spokesperson for the Border Patrol’s San Diego Sector, Rodolfo Zuniga, said, “we haven’t received any official statement in our office about the…camera yet.”