Hitting the Surf on North Beach

Winners circle.

    URT Clothing put on its second URT WOMP, a bodysurfing contest, Sunday, offering up trophies crafted by previous (third place) winner Damon Basset.

    The company, which puts out tees and other apparel with a singular seal logo, was founded by Ian Urtnowski, a Coronado lifeguard, three years ago. Another distinctive feature: the company prints Southern California tide charts on the inside of its shirts.

    Here are the winners for two divisions in Sunday’s contest:

    14 and under:

    1. Noah Griffith
    2. Vivienne Kerley
    3. Lance Mann

    15 and up:

    1. Ross Sinclair
    2. Scott Lambert
    3. Serge Dedina


    • swimchick21

      Surfing… where do I start? I have a little bit of a lead already… some advice?
      Hey guys,
      I’m very interested in surfing, and I absolutely love the water (I’m a swimmer, and I am plenty strong enough to surf) and the beach. A year or so ago, I took surfing lessons with my cousin in Ocean City, New Jersey and I couldn’t get enough of it. We rented some long boards and surfed the rest of the week, although, we weren’t very good.
      After that, we hit up Surf City, North Carolina. There, I went through all of the surf shops looking for an affordable board (considering I’m 15 and I don’t have a job), and I really didn’t care what it was, so I got a short board (like 6ish) and it’s really old… they practically gave it to me for 75 bucks. It’s a stewart… I did have a little bit of trouble getting up on it, and fell a lot, but I was out on the ocean every day at 8 am till around noon.
      So, for christmas this year, my dad got me a board that’s 7’6 and I haven’t gotten a chance to use it yet.
      I just wanted some advice on… well everything I guess. How do I get started the right way? I now have two surfboards, and I know starting with a short board was definately the wrong way to go. But how do I do everything? I have no idea about fins (so anything about fins would be helpful, the stewart board’s are like stuck on, like you can’t change them), and I know a little bit about wax. I have a wetsuit (I’m a certified scuba diver so I know all about that stuff). But what else do I need to know????
      Thanks to anyone who contributes!

    • Blakemore

      Just get in the water as much as posssible, if you have a friend who surfs go with that person. you can also ask people who you see in teh water for advice, check surfline and find a good spot and have fun
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    • srfer

      I also took surfing lessons in NJ but in Surf city and I also couldn’t get enough of it (2 years ago).

      First of all you weren’t wrong to try to learn on a short board it ‘s possible but harder than a longer one. I do reccomend learning on a bigger board so you can get the basics down and not get frustrated over not being able to stand up.

      Secound- The fins of your surf board should be fine if you take good care of them. If they break for some reason of get a huge chip in them they should be replaced. If you aren’t sure of how to do this you can probably take it to a shop and most can repair it for you. If you want to do it yourself you’ll need: a Hex key, Replacement surfboard fin,Cotton swab, Light lubricant. Then follow this:
      1 Locate a place where you can perform the work without damaging the surfboard. You will need some leverage when using the hex key, but you don’t want the surfboard falling onto a hard surface while changing the fin.
      Step 2 Insert hex key into hex screw and begin unscrewing.
      Step 3 Take out all hex screws and remove the fin. If the fin has broken off, then turn the surfboard over, fin side down, and gently tap over the location where the fin was installed. The fin tabs should fall out.
      Step 4 Using the cotton swab, clean out any sand that has made its way into the fin slot.
      Step 5 Insert the new surfboard fin and screw in the hex screws.
      (remmber if the fins don’t have a problem with them you don’t need to change them, do not attemp to do it yourself unless you are okay with possibly damaging your board).

      Third- Wax is pretty simple your gonna have to go to a local surf shop and pick up to differnt types of wax a base coat and a cool coat. The Base coat goes on first and you move your hand in a up and down motion along your board to apply it. After your done with the base coat you should apply the cool coat this protects the basecoat from melting, you apply it the same way and when you do you should see almost little bumps on your board. If the wax on your board it melting off or covered with to much sand when takes away from its grip then you can buy a wax comb which will help you remove the wax from your board so you can replace it with new wax.

      Also when your not surfing I would reccommed to kep your board out of the sun beacuse it can change your board into a darker yellow color. Also i would recommened getting a grip pad for your board this is for your back foot you may have seen it on some other boards. I’m guessing you have a leash if not then buy one of those if you can. The accessories I’m metioning aren’t need but they can help. Also a wet suit can get warm in the summer if you are surfing from all of the activity if this happens you can get a rash gaurd which will help prevent getting a rash when laying on your board or moving on your board.

      Just so you now to slow down on a surf board you put your weight on your back foot to accelerate you put your weight on your front foot. To turn you put weight on your back leg and turn your leading shoulder in the direction you want to turn.
      References :
      I love surfing olny started 2 years ago and i think i will be doing it for the rest of my life


      Hope this helps =)

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