Free Rewards, Cheap Thrills

Get a free rewards card from Panera and watch the freebies roll in.

Happy Wednesday, Coronado! To get you over the mid-week hump, we have some deals and free reward programs. Whether you’re a coffee junkie, a pastry addict, love to have the perfect manicure, can’t get enough wine, or have an affinity for flowers, we’ve found specials for you.

Check out the special offers we found below—proof that being frugal doesn’t always mean getting less.

You are a big part of this column. Let us hear about the deals you’ve seen. Just add them to our comment box.

Then come back each week and see what we’ve uncovered together.

Don’t forget to check with these merchants for additional details.



Deal: “Shellac” 14-day manicure for only $29 (Regular $50).  Call Lee at 619-203-1998.

Good through: April 15.



Deal: Come in on Tuesdays between 5 and 8 p.m. for $1 off all wine bar selections.

Good through: Ongoing, Tuesdays only.



Deal: Next time you stop in, ask for a MyPanera card. It’s free and when you register it (and then use it each time you visit) you get things like complimentary bakery items, invitation to special events, recipe books and more.

Good through: Ongoing.



Deal: Forget the cash. Load up a gift card, then register it online at After buying five drinks with the card, you’ll receive awards like free syrups and soymilk, free refills on coffee and tea, a free drink on your birthday, and more free goodies each time you use that card. Just keep reloading it to keep receiving the benefits!

Good through: Ongoing.



Deal: $10 tangerine balsamic vinegar and a $10 basil extra virgin olive oil (both regularly $18).

Good though: April 2011.


  • Grannyjill

    A poem from 2 years ago. Complicated rules. Comments?
    For Ducky

    The criteria for this poem was that each of the verses had to have its lines beginning with the same letter (in this case E, D, M and W…no reason for choice). Same rhyme ending for each verse AND internal rhyme on each line. Why? I cannot remember now, it was a challenge set by some-one on Answers.Yahoo at that time. Why did I rise to the challenge? Because I was an idiot.

    Each sleep-filled, cheap-thrilled night my spirit flies
    Endlessly peeking, seeking dream’s surprise
    Effort rewards me, accords me my prize
    Eyes free to see joyous internal skies.

    Dreams of desert oases, where no traces remain
    Deep lying gorges forge paths through the plains
    Downtown New York, walking huddled in the rain
    Dining and wining with the Queen (once again)

    My over-strained brain pushing me ahead
    Metamorphosing or posing instead
    Maybe a new baby or another man to wed
    My body meanwhile sleeps solidly in bed

    Well travelled, knitted ravelled sleeve of care
    Wondrous places, and faces I hope to find there
    Sandy – Thanks, I think I meant ‘affords’ – my brain must have been in melt-down!
    Gigi thanks for going to all that trouble…I think I will actually use ‘awards’ if this ever sees the light of day again, as that is an even better rhyme.

  • Sandy Giggles

    S1 L3 why did I want to read affords me rather than accords me?

    anyway, you rose to the challenge and to me

    there is proof in the pudding

    You are NOT an idiot!


    References :

  • Ducky

    Your poem is so… up-spirited! Having just done this – I can appreciate the effort. Ouch!

    So – ok – if this isn’t good, then the poem is my excuse (two birds, one stone, and all that)

    Evening’s Haste Makes Waste

    Evening’s haste, I taste my wasted days,
    Eking sour hours for pittance raise.
    Each boring chore that rats me through this maze,
    Endured to light my nightly writing craze.

    Denied of time to rhyme, my words lack wit.
    Doomed to sputter-stutter poems of s..t.
    Dances drop like dust, I must admit,
    Damn it all, words fall where they don’t fit!

    Must my busy life dizzy my song?
    Making verse that’s cursed or worse – just wrong!
    Minor flaws cause clauses to prolong
    My reek of writing weak what should be strong.

    When tired, I’m uninspired, as you can see,
    By this "more miss than hit" bit poetry.

    I guess I went a little overboard on the internal rhyme.
    References :

  • Robert Harrison

    Now there’s a clever granny. I suppose now the so called experts will have to name this style of poetry to add to their long list of already mystic titles. A very clever write which I am not going to attempt, so I will leave it to you younger folk to rack your brains. So if I may be excused class miss I will go and get on with some family history. Oh while I am here I will always use the word "to" in my works as I have never mastered the other spellings.
    References :

  • Tori ♫♪♫♪♫

    I think it is delightful! I chuckled several times, and read deeply into others. It was a tough format, to be sure, but you wrote a wonderful poem. t
    References :

  • gigi

    Complicated format is right, but you have done an excellent job. I’m glad you explained before I read it.

    Each sleep-filled, cheap-thrilled night my spirit flies
    Endlessly peeking, seeking dream’s surprise
    Effort rewards me, accords me my prize
    Eyes free to see joyous internal skies.

    I checked on accords and found these meanings:


    To grant as suitable or proper; to concede; to award; as, to accord to one due praise. This one, I think does fit your poem as written.

    Effort rewards me, accords me my prize
    Effort rewards me, awards me my prize

    Agreement or concurrence of opinion, will, or action; harmony of mind; consent; assent.
    Harmony of sounds; agreement in pitch and tone; concord; as, the accord of tones.
    Agreement, harmony, or just correspondence of things; as, the accord of light and shade in painting.
    Voluntary or spontaneous motion or impulse to act; — preceded by own; as, of one’s own accord.
    An agreement between parties in controversy, by which satisfaction for an injury is stipulated, and which, when executed, bars a suit.
    To make to agree or correspond; to suit one thing to another; to adjust; — followed by to.
    To bring to an agreement, as persons; to reconcile; to settle, adjust, harmonize, or compose, as things; as, to accord suits or controversies.
    To agree; to correspond; to be in harmony; — followed by with, formerly also by to; as, his disposition accords with his looks.
    References :

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