Endurance Athletes Hit the Road and Sea at SuperSEAL on the Strand

The SuperSEAL SEAL Sprint triathlon events were held Sunday in the Silver Strand.

Some gutty athletes set out on the Silver Strand Sunday for the sixth SuperSEAL and third SEAL Sprint triathlon events.

Another notable athlete joined in this time, six months after one-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong won the SuperFrog triathlon. This time it was Hines Ward, who retired two years ago from the Pittsburgh Steelers and is entering endurance races with the goal of eventually being part of Ironman competitions.

Even after his NFL career, he posted on Twitter Sunday morning that he was “Facing my biggest test … 2day: my first triathlon. Got any tips for me?”

Professional triathlete Jason Pedersen later tweeted: “Great day at the office! Took the W at #superseal. Great event!”

Bob Babbitt, part of the Ironman Hall of Fame and co-creator of Competitor magazine, and Dr. Andy Baldwin, a Navy physician, also tweeted about being part of the event.

The race was curtailed last March because of storms. Armstrong’s participation in the SuperFrog came before his admission to Oprah Winfrey that he had cheated throughout his cycling career.

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