Dover Buzz on Steroids! Wheelock Fire Alarms in Coronado Hall

I wasn’t forewarned of this, but my dorm had a fire drill. The residence halls at UNM are required to conduct fire drills once a semester, and they’re usually at the beginning of each semester. I was in my dorm room as soon as the alarms went off. The alarms are Wheelock EHS-DL1-WM horn/strobe combo alarms.

Note, only the first part of the video is inside.

This is my first fire alarm video in a month since I jammed with my Wheelock 7002T on my string bass.

Btw, the MTs in Coronado are obviously louder than my Wheelock 7002T-24, which is 87 dBs at 10 feet. My estimate is that the MTs are about the same loudness as the Gentex Commander 3 horn/strobe alarms.

Duration : 0:5:15


  • Gb755c

    The panels are …
    The panels are generally located either at the main entrance or more commonly in the basement in the utility room

  • xthemwordx

    we haven’t had …
    we haven’t had fires, but yeah, we’ve never had a drill (except freshman orientation last year). i swear it’s always because of steam from the showers, maybe the occasional popcorn or someone putting something in the microwave that’s not microwaveable.

  • ElevatingBoston

    We didn’t need fire …
    We didn’t need fire drills in my dorm last year, lol. We had REAL fires. One was caused by the elevator catching on fire and another because of a washing machine.

  • cubsrule2040

    I talked to the …
    I talked to the girl at the desk, and she says she doesn’t see s panel. But I think there’s a panel in the SRC Commons that activates different dorms’ fire alarm systems. These are goin goff on continuous, not code 3 or march time

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