Danny’s Palm Bar and Grill and the Coronado PD Enable Rapists To Take Advantage of Young Women P1

…And, when I woke up, I noticed that he was completely naked. He also did not bother to call the cops when it all went down, which makes me wonder if this was part of an elaborate plan between him and the cops for him to possibly take advantage of me. That SEXUAL PREDATOR’S/ RAPIST’S number WILL be getting posted on my blog soon, here at:

Even though this occurred back on February 13, 2012, I am still bothered and distressed by this subconscious, buried memory to this day, even so much so that I stayed awake all last night because of it, hence why I NEEDED to get this off my chest.

To give you some backdrop, which I will post on my blog, I was ganged up on by a crowd of bar attendants and a the employees over at Danny’s Bar and Grill. I was robbed and kept from calling the police. They also falsely imprisoned and KIDNAPPED me by keeping me/ not allowing me to LEAVE and, interestingly, that wasn’t added to the list of charges by the police when they decided to PROSECUTE after I had put pressure on them! I had my camcorder stolen and my cellphone robbed from me so that I wouldn’t call the police.

When I finally did call the police and the police arrived, they tried to blame and arrest ME for the incident, demanding and asking if I were “drunk”, doing a patdown on me, without even so much as doing and checking out for the same things they did to me to the people I even so much as TOLD them participated in my battery/ abuse/ robbery, and, at one point, considering my highly traumatized state, they allowed me – a disheveled, broken young womyn with no options, who didn’t know anyone out there, to go with an apparent sexual predator, who Officer Hardy (badge no. 1018) waved to and said (to him),” Yeah, you take her!” without even so much as the decency to treat me as a crime victim – rather, they treated me as a crime suspect and a whole lot worse, further impacting the trauma already inflicted on me – and to even perhaps call a cab for me considering I was in a state of mind to where I really couldn’t do anything. To make matters even worse, I couldn’t sleep in my own car! The threatened me and told me that they wouldn’t allow it, saying that if I “got back in my car and stepped behind that wheel”, that they would “arrest me!”

All because of them, I am unsure even to this day whether that sexual predator did anything to me after he took me to a motel room and I slept in the same room with him (albeit in different beds) but still, I remember awakening to see him BUCK NAKED and the thing, the whole entire thing petrified me because of a “memory” that keeps resurfacing in my subconscious psyche of him sitting on my bed, which makes me think otherwise (I was also in a deep sleep at that point, so anything could of happened

All because of them, because of how the Coronado Police Department treated me, I, a crime victim, might of been the victim of rape/ and or sexual assault in my vulnerable state all because of how they treated me, which was less than a human being, even lessor than an animal.

I did a video on them and their racist. misogynistic treatment already. I wish to further expose these BASTARDS and what they did and bring remorse from these vicious sociopaths:

* Call them up and let the Coronado Police Department know how you feel about their making young women who are crime victims and who are vulnerable be sent into the hands of SEXUAL PREDATORS just as Officer Hardy did to me:

Coronado Police Department
700 Orange Avenue Coronado, CA 92118
(619) 522-7350

I will also post Danny’s Bar and Grill info on my own personal site for you to call them.


They MUST be taught a lesson and to not forget what they did to me, but rather suffer for the violence they imposed upon me and potentially other meek, less outspoken victims out there about young women who have been made vulnerable due to their abuse at their hands!

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  • RavenMeister1

    Wow, thank you. …
    Wow, thank you. Yeah, you right, folks get RAPED, sexually assaulted, battered, all sorts of manner of indignities. Yeah, I don’t mess with these joints, no bars AT ALL! Thanks for watching, man. This whole thing REALLY HURT ME! It really did. But I did not let it destroy me. I also have a channel called “TheHappyHookerTV”. You can join me and watch my vids on there! Peace and namaste!

  • strandwolf

    Good for you. Give …
    Good for you. Give them all both barrels. Scum must be held to account. Keep spreading the word.

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