Coronado’s Whiz Kid of the Week: Sinead MacGabban

Name, Age: Sinead MacGabann, 11

School: Albert Einstein Academy, San Diego

Accomplishment: Sinead is a brave softball player and excellent student.

Key to Awesomeness: Sinead is a resilient athlete and is involved in several sports and activities: softball, swimming, gymnastics, Girl Scouts and Irish dancing. She is also fluent in German and Spanish. The active fifth-grader is able to do all of this and still maintain top grades at school.

Sinead’s resilience was tested a few months ago when she was hit by a ball during a practice with her Coronado Youth Softball U10 team. 

While on first base, Sinead took a hard hit to the face which caused a severe injury.  After a couple of weeks, she returned to practice wearing a face mask and was happy playing left field while she healed and got her nerve back. She also practiced catching fly balls at home to help her regain her confidence on the field.

Halfway through the season, this tough team player announced she was ready to have the ball thrown to her again. She conquered her fear of the ball, and even had three hits during the season!

Sinead was a timid player at first, but stuck with it and finished strong.

That’s why she’s our Whiz Kid of the Week! Great job, Sinead!