Coronado Superintendent: Police Are Watching Schools Closely Friday

The Coronado Unified School District.

Dr. Jeffrey Felix, superintendent of Coronado schools, said community police are watching campuses closely Friday in the wake of the mass shooting at a Connecticut elementary school.

In a letter to parents of the district’s 3,000 students, Felix said the officers would not come on campus unless asked to enter a school. He added that the city’s two elementary schools, one middle school and one high school have plans in place for such emergencies, but that they will be reviewed in the wake of the tragedy.

He also said district staff has taken care to watch over students Friday to see that their needs are met if they have learned of the shooting on their own.

Here is Felix’s message in its entirety:

“To All Parents and Guardians of Coronado Unified School District Students:

As a result of the tragic school shooting this morning in Newtown, Connecticut, the Coronado Police Department added additional officers to patrol the exteriors of all school buildings. Police will not enter the buildings unless asked to do so. As always, if our staff should spot an intruder, we will first call 911 and then take the safety measures we have in place and have practiced to protect the children. 

As you are aware, we have safety plans and lockdown procedures that add to our goal of maintaining a safe learning environment for our students. In the wake of this incident, we will be reviewing those plans and strengthening our ongoing relationship with law enforcement and Naval Base Coronado officials to ensure we do everything we can to maintain the safety and security of our schools.

I have asked all faculty and staff to be extra careful today with children, not only with our usual visual observation, but as news of this event begins to circulate, with the psychological well-being of the children.

Tonight you may want to consider discussing this tragedy with your child. Some professionals will recommend open and direct communication with children about such events. Others may say it’s only necessary to tell them as much as they ask to know. All acknowledge that each family is different and that the age of the child should be considered.”