Coronado Sends Holiday Greetings to Deployed Sailors

There are many reasons why I love living on Coronado, but a top one is the city’s generosity toward the military community. This was evidenced last week when the Coronado Junior Woman’s Club donated baby baskets to military moms in need and when the Monday Nite Car Club held a successful toy drive on base.

This week, the whole city showed its support, specifically to deployed sailors! 

Sailors proudly and dutifully deploy all around the world all year long, but for those who are away from families and friends during the holidays, it can be a difficult time. In the last two months, sailors of MSRON-5 and the USS Carl Vinson left on deployment. Of course, there are other service members who are also missing loved ones, holiday traditions and those fresh-baked Christmas cookies.

What can help keep their spirits high? Knowing that people, including strangers, are thinking about them. Last year, my husband received Christmas cards from elementary students who said thanks (see pictures). This year, citizens of Coronado are sending video messages of gratitude, appreciation and holiday well-wishes.

Coronado, thank you for your never-ending support!