Coronado Orange Avenue Wit Review By Gez


  • RadioSnivins

    I tried this stuff …
    I tried this stuff a couple of weeks ago, and it tasted more like a chocolatey, roasty dark ale, à la Carlton Black, than a wheater to me. I feared I was going loopnuttish, so I Araldited my wife’s eyelids shut when she wasn’t looking, and then gave her a glass of Coronado to calm her down. She thought it was Tooheys Old.

  • gez1308

    Hay mate, I have …
    Hay mate, I have never brewed a wheat kit as yet but I havent heard any real negative comments about the Thomas Coopers on YT or on Forums.Down the track I will have a crack at a wheat Partial(most likely a German Hef recipe).cheers mate

  • fishskulls76

    Hey mate sounds …
    Hey mate sounds like a good beer, I been meaning to try some wheat beers, have you home brewed the coopers wheat beer kit? Any good?

  • SwillinGrog

    Great review mate. …
    Great review mate. I’m really looking forward to trying this one. Cheers!

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