Coronado Appears on National High School Challenge Rankings

Coronado High School

According to a recent study released in the Washington Post, Coronado High School was ranked in The High School Challenge.

The challenge, posted annually by the Washington Post, ranks high schools by a simple formula: the number of Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate or other college-level tests given at a school is divided by the number of graduating seniors to get the “Challenge Index” score.

It is used to determine how well schools prepare their students for college.

Of the 27,000 high schools across the country, only 7 percent (or about 1,900) have an index greater than 1.00, which was the baseline to be included on the list.

Coronado ranked 401 (out of 1,900) on the list, and had an index of 2.712. The high school ranked 42 in California. The study also showed that the average SAT score at Coronado was 1,693. 

The highest ranking schools in San Diego County were:

  • The Preuss School UCSD (La Jolla), which was ranked 24 with an index of 7.374.
  • Torrey Pines High School (La Jolla), which ranked 110 with an index of 4.145.
  • Canyon Crest Academy (San Diego), which ranked 193 with an index of 3.487.
  • La Jolla High School, which ranked 216 with an index of 3.358.
  • Westview High School (San Diego), which ranked 253 with an index of 3.230.

For more information on the High School Challenge rankings, visit the Washington Post website.