Best Places to Buy Your Wife a Gift

In Good Taste

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Here are five Coronado stores where you can buy your wife a gift. Remember: Nothing says “I love you” like presents! 

  1. In Good Taste: They have charming gifts that most women would love, but I can’t go in there without picking up one of their signature cheese chocolates. Who says you and your bride can’t both enjoy her gift? 
  2. Blue Jeans and Bikinis: Reasonably priced accessories, such as bracelets, scarves etc. 
  3. Del Coronado Jewels. I suggest grabbing one of their many crown-themed jewelry pieces.  
  4. Wine Styles: Grab her a couple bottles of her favorite types of wine. Again, it’s not her her birthday, you can both enjoy the gifts.  You are celebrating life and being together. Wink, wink. 
  5. La Mer: Mary Ann’s stuff always seems very hip when I walk past her store window on Orange Avenue. I’d be surprised if you didn’t find something unique in there. 


  • Cornelius

    How do you tell one of your best friends and his wife you don’t like the gift?
    Ok, my good friend (who I’m related to) with his wife, offered me and my wife a gift of artwork in return for something we did for them. These paintings are too big, they don’t go anywhere in our house.

    What do we tell them the next time they come over and they don’t see the paintings? They did offer a gift card for a return, but how do you say thank you for something you just couldn’t find a place for???

  • latj

    A gift is a gift. You should truthfully never say anything but beings that they did offer a gift card for return and they are "one of your best friends" you could broach the subject very carefully.
    You must remember that in terms of etiquette that truthfully this is wrong and not correct. A gift is a gift and your should be gracious and kind and find something nice to say about it. Display it for a small amount of time and then take it down.
    ONLY because you are such good friends, and related to this person would I even consider asking them for the gift card to return them. It is quite rude and distasteful, but if you have the gall to do it then so be it. You must remember that it may offend the "giver" and it may end up damaging your friendship. Be prepared for anything. People usually put a lot of thought into giving gifts. Good luck.
    Peace & Love 😉
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  • DN1503

    Well, always keep in mind it’s the thought that counts. So just remember that. Secondly, if you can not find a place to hang it up, then have it leaning against the wall, showing that you are trying to hang it up, but it just won’t fit. That is the honest thing to do. Don’t try and return it to them. But when they see it won’t fit up, see what their suggestion is. Just explain, " I love the picture, it’s great, I wish we could find a place to hang it up…" Ya know. THe honest, straightforward approach here. Best of luck!
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  • sam

    I dint tell them them coz I know they will be hurt…..try selling them instead and get what you really want…anyway they it them to you and you have the right to dispose them at your own will
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  • Oregon Gal

    I feel your pain on this one. I know what "latj" says is 100% proper etiquette but they did offer a gift card for a return. In my opinion, this opens the door just a little to tell them that you weren’t able to find a place for the paintings because they are too big. I would highly recommend that you return them for smaller paintings of similar style and or color. That way you aren’t rejecting their gift idea completely.
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