5 Things: Salutes and Shows

The business community honors Coronadans and public safety officials this week, sports will be played for charity and screenings will be available if your health is on your mind. 


Chamber Offers Community Awards and Welcomes New Officers

Sharp Health Screenings: Skin Cancer, Blood Pressure

Portrait Artist Available at Gallery

Optimists Host Sports Fiesta

Enjoy Music on the Ferry Landing or in the Park 


  • Blossomo2

    For brides who had cameras at the table: did your guests take pictures of things they shoudn't have?
    I’ve heard of drunk guests using the table cameras for taking pictures of body parts that are usually covered and of one-fingered salutes to their hosts.

    Just curious what kinds of pictures showed up on your table cameras.

  • J

    Never heard of that. Your friends should be of more mature caliber then that or they shouldn’t be there!!!
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  • **B2B 07/11/2009**

    i dont plan on having ‘drunk’ guest b/c im having nothing for them to get drunk with. But no i’ve never heard of this
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  • mommy_of_1

    there is always going to be that guest that will take pics of something that they shouldn’t have just don’t worry about it there is no way out of it. i had cameras at my wedding and i had a few that were funny but most of them were very good. i say just go for it and have fun hope this helps and congrats on the wedding
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  • jenneyslinger

    My brother and SIL did the disposable cameras on the table thing.

    Yes to some photos. Otherwise most were appropriate. The rest were taken with the guests when they left the reception (and never gave the photos back)
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  • mom.marlee

    I didn’t have anything inappropriate on the film, but I also didn’t have alcohol at the reception. I think i had 8 – 10 cameras, and I got double prints, just thinking that I could give away pictures to people, or send them in thank you notes or something. This was a huge waste of money! We maybe had 10-12 pictures total that were worth putting in an album. I guess our guests were not aspiring photographers. And, our hired photographer usually had better pictures of all of the people.
    I have usually just heard of inappropriate things taken on people’s cameras that they leave sitting around at a party or something.
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  • The Thriftmaster.

    I’m sure my friend from work will take at least two pictures of her boobs, but hey, isn’t that part of the fun?
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  • realityshowjunkie

    So that’s what those close up shots were!!! Lol!

    Our pictures were mostly people at the table, the food, backs of heads, and pictures of other people taking pictures. I was really hoping for some great photos! I do appreciate the photos of some of the guests but it was just so dark lots of our pictures did not turn out that great. Not one one-fingered salute but we did have a few drop the "F" bomb on our video!
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  • {B2B 9.5.09} {MOH 10.10.09}

    My fsil had the cameras. She did end up with a few gross pictures (mostly taken by grromsman!) , and the rest were mostly used up by the kids that came. It seemed like their parents just let the kids play with them to keep them busy. She ended up with a lot of pictures of feet, hands, bugs, some rocks, a pool chair, etc. Complete waste of money! They only ended up with about 10 ok pictures out of 25 cameras!!!
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