30 Under 30 San Diego County Leader No. 16: Trey Barkley

Trey Barkley

A love for the arts has inspired this leader to give back.

Trey Barkley, 24, is the director of Monster Manor, an all-volunteer haunted house project in Mira Mesa. As the director, Barkley oversees dozens of local teens who put on the annual event each year.

Barkley, who is a full-time actor, said the project is his biggest accomplishment.

“I honestly think my biggest accomplishment is this haunted house,” he said. “We not only help teens out by giving them community service hours and providing a safe and drug free place to be after school, but we also raise money for local nonprofit groups and charities.”

In a time of significant budget cuts to art education, Barkley said he hopes to continue to oversee the project and encourage art education. On top of that, he hopes to one day own a coffee shop.

Advice for young people:

“To anyone looking to be a leader, it isn’t about power or titles, but about teaching and showing support for the people you are leading. Also, don’t let the little things get you down. There is a bigger picture to look at.”