Month: January 2012

Writing Code Is as Easy as Raspberry Pi

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A prediction for the future: Powerful computers that can run 1080p HD video or 3D games will cost as little as $25, be the size of a credit card and weigh less than an ounce-and-a-half. Any school kid has one, and hacking code or finding new ways to use it becomes a new leisure pursuit. Ladies and gentlemen, the future has arrived, or will when the Raspberry Pi goes on sale in the United Kingdom later in January. And the incredibly inexpensive, tiny barebones PC is stirring the imaginations of hackers, case-modders, robotics fans and just general geeks worldwide. The Raspberry Pi, a product of a nonprofit educational foundation by the same name, was developed by a serendipitous handful of hardware and software engineers with the unique experience and connections to make such ...

Resolution Recipe: Kale Chips

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It seems that the usual and most popular New Year’s resolution is “eat healthier,” or some variation. Of course, most resolvers fall off the wagon sometime in say, March, and thus the healthy resolution cycle continues. That’s where I come in. Each month, I’m vowing to help keep you on the healthy track by posting a “Resolution Recipe” inspired by the fresh and local food from the Coronado Farmers Market. Most recipes will be a substitute for unhealthy snacks or meal items and hopefully, they’ll get you into the habit of eating healthier more often. First on the list: Kale. Kale comes from the cabbage family and has made some headlines in recent years for its nutritious benefits. It’s rich in calcium, vitamin C and K and even has substantial amounts of beta-carotene. Ma