Month: April 2010

CCLC’s Mission to Mexico 2010 (Longer Version)

coronado home
*Longer Version including more "behind the scenes" of the trip.* This is Cross and Crown (in Rohnert Park California) Lutheran Church's annual short-term Mission trip into Mexico. This year, 15 of us headed into Tijuana, and built a new home for Sandra's family. Just three months ago, Sandra was returning from walking her children to school only to see her house in flames. Due to the fact that there was no fire department in her village, she watched her house (and all of her family's belongings) burn to the ground. Since then, her family of four had been staying with a neighbor down the street. Amor Ministries was able to streamline her through the process of being recommended for a new home, which usually can take longer than a year. With Amor's help, we were able to complete the n...

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