13 Predictions for Job Trends in 2013

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Whether you are looking for a job in 2013 or just hoping to hang on to the one you’ve got, there are some interesting predictions for the biggest job trends of the New Year.

They include:

  • Get ready to work from home more. Telecommuting is in.
  • Federal agencies like the FBI may hire more people to deal with the complex situations in the Middle East.
  • Excitement about social media will peak. 

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  • Lily

    Hi fellow seniors, did you or your children ever own a copy of The Guinness Book Of Records?
    I see the latest 2013 book has just been published with some very zany records being featured.

    From a tiny bull and giant biceps to a slam-dunking parrot and 340-piece drum kit….etc.

    Our two sons used to get a copy every year and would delight in reading out some of the strange facts and figures.

    I know it’s an immensely popular book worldwide and just wondered if any of you have ever owned or read one?

  • Onion

    I remember my mum picking up an old one in a charity shop when I was about 8 and I was obsessed with it for a while. In those days there were fewer pictures in the book so I used to sit there imagining what the longest moustache in the world looked like, or exactly how small the smallest cat in the world was. Considering the book cost about 25p from the RSPCA shop I got a lot of enjoyment out of it.
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  • pmt853

    We have several, the oldest being a 1956 edition. Some of the records, particularly the financial ones, have changed beyond all recognition in the intervening 56 years – no surprise there of course.
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  • Veronica Alicia

    My latest copy is now a couple of years old – I have plans to get into it myself in 34 years time as "the World’s Longest-lived Woman" !
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    I used to Lily.

    But the entries started getting sillier and sillier.

    I am not interested in who can stand on one leg the longest, whilst blindfolded and peeling potatoes, or how many clothes-pegs a man can attach to his scrotum.

    I have better things to do now.

    Like watching Jeremy Kyle.

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  • nemesis

    Yep – I’m an inveterate collector of Records (and Satististical) books, Lily.

    It went with my 40 or so year ‘career’ in the City of London – dealing with insurance, investment and other number-crunching exercises – mainly longer-term analysis of past records – and predictions of future trends, guesstimates of future economic outcomes, etc etc.

    For children’s and personal use, I’ve probably purchased 5 or 6 copies of The Guinness Book of Records – over 5 or 6 decades. As you say, it sells big time, worldwide – and contains a huge amount of rather weirdo, zany stats. But NOT my cup of tea – on an annual basis.

    Buying both the 2011 and 2012 editions – with updated confirmation that some Japanese chap has now set a new record for swallowing so many sausage-rolls in less than 60 seconds ISN’T quite the sort of info I want/need to know – one year to the next. Nor feel my grandkids need/want to know – when bombarded with TMI – on the internet.

    You’ll know kill-joy am not I – zany things are my bag – but I reckon a copy of The Guinness Book – about once every 10 years, suffices.

    More important numbers – as regards Football stats, GDP/military expense ratios, population growth rates – as widely covered in more detailed publications, are MORE likely to figure on my 2012 Xmas shopping list for Grandchildren – than X-factor type, alcohohol BREWERS’ sponsored books.
    ; )))
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  • Bob

    Yes, seems there was always one lying around somewhere. And, before that, it was Ripley’s Believe it or Not!. Remember that one?..
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  • Malcky

    I used to have a few old copies, but as
    some others say, the ‘records’ became
    sillier by the year and I discarded mine
    to recycling a long time ago now.
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  • John Ashtone

    I have a first edition which at some point I will sell.

    However with it being the top selling book for many years, there are more copies of even early editions around to make it worth while.

    I have two or thre other editions, but never reference them these days, perhaps I am just boring lol.
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  • missingora

    I used to own a copy and enjoyed reading it so much. I haven’t owned one in quite a while but would still read it if I did.
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  • katydint

    YES, I owned one once, never again.
    Still scarred by the death of a priest receiving "special services" upon his intimate member whilst seated in a chair.
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  • robin

    there’s a couple somewhere around the house.One of the original editors of the Guinness Book of records was shot by the IRA
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  • Patti

    I checked them out at the local library, interesting to see what the new records are. Didn’t they stop the eating records years ago to keep people from harming themselves?
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  • S

    Yes my son had one years ago as a child and I gave my daughter one around the year 2000 I believe. Such fun books that I haven’t thought about in years.
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  • Marilyn T

    No never had a copy of it and was never really interested in the facts.
    My youngest brother does play with a band on weekends around S.Calif. the name of the band slips my mind at the moment.
    The lead singer is in the Guinness book for the fastest harmonia player.
    What a feat.
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  • mydearsie

    I did buy these for several years. My family seemed to find the sports page records the most interesting.
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  • Sweet Judy

    Yes, we had one book! It was a very large book, its packed away in the attic~ I haven’t thought of that book in years……….I know its green and silver! If I can remember right!
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